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昨天晚上差不多九時才回到家,從m 子手中搜(?)回來的同人本到現在還未有時間細看...T^T
seil 殿你絕對是ak 的神.

i escaped from books and now shirk for a while.
when i came back home yesterday,it was nearly 9:00pm.
i still have no time to enjoy the doujinshis which was grabed(?)from m-ko...T^T
(at the very quick look that the doujinshis likely contain high yiao|||||have i brought the wrong boooooooooooooks 囧)
seil sama, you are really the god of ak.
and then i have nothing to say.
(go to review books again.)






二姐說要我把英文再讀好點,現在想到我方法大概是這樣,用英文打日記= =.
my sister hopes my english can be better and better.
my method is mostly like this moment - using english to type diary= =.

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