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好吧雖然chem 未算溫得很好但我現在好累||||||
可惡的molarity 你是傳說中的去死去死團的一員麼,給我去死.
愷子你說跟我們去瘋嘛(笑),不過聽說中午場要55 元|||||不知道有沒有學生價.


what is the time now?...ah,11:19.
ok i admit that i has not prepared very well for the chem test tomorrow, however i am very tired now||||||
tell me that if the topic of molarity is one of the members of 去死去死團, then, go to hell.
and then i look forward a bit to the activity tomorrow.
kaii-ko, please be crazy with us(smile).
but i was heard from my sister that the tickets in the afternoon is $55|||||i wonder if there is cheaper price for students.
i am boring again. really i have not anymore to say, just want to play the computer for a while,and then go to sleep.
er, actually i go to bed now.

the time now is 11:23

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